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Diaper Sponsor - One Week

Through this purchase (100% charitable donation), you are sponsoring one child to have clean diapers for one week in our local community. You are also directly supporting the Junior League of Mobile's commitment to addressing diaper need.

Diaper need impacts the physical, mental, and economic well-being of children and parents. In the State of Alabama, there are 176,133 children under the age of 3; 16% of children under age 18 are infants or toddlers. Medicaid covers 47% of all births, on average, in the U.S. states, yet no government program provides diapers as a basic need for babies. Without diapers, babies cannot participate in early childhood education programs. Without child care, parents cannot go to work.

All donations will be used to purchase and supply diapers to the Mobile and Baldwin communities.

All diaper purchases directly support JLM's 5-year impact focusing on Healthy Children. This purchase is a 100% charitable donation and is tax deductible for income tax purposes. 

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